ugranada2The University of Granada is a public university located in the city of Granada, Spain, and founded in 1531 by Emperor Charles V. With approximately 80,000 students, it is the fourth largest university in Spain. Apart from the city of Granada, UGR also has campuses in Northern Africa (Ceuta and Melilla).

Founded almost five hundred years ago, in 1531, the Universidad de Granada has grown in close symbiosis with society and has become a benchmark in terms of both the quality of its teaching and research and, with a particular emphasis, its cooperation and development activities.

The various Campuses (Aynadamar, Cartuja, Fuentenueva and Centro), which are spread all over the city, combined with the historical and heritage buildings in some of the most unique neighbourhoods of Granada, re-energise the University. The centres located in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla further expand the scope of the University's varied panorama.

Our institution combines the wealth of experience that comes with its lengthy tradition with the dynamism and youth of almost 60,000 undergraduates; the number of students rises to 80,000 when postgraduates and students studying additional courses are taken into account. The Universidad de Granada welcomes more students from international mobility programmes than any other Spanish university.

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