In addition to the summer schools, methodological workshops are foreseen, to take part in Latin America.

The first one will be held in Florianopolis, Brazil (2015) will deal with the matching of the institutional and political analysis with the study of migrants' and minorities' agency. This double perspective requires methodological tools, in order to avoid a dichotomy between the analysis of the structural aspects (institutions and state policies) and the one of the agency. One possible approach to avoid the dichotomy between institutional analysis and agency can be the work of Hirschman (1970)9, consisting in a combinatorial approach that analyses the individuals at the same time in a subjective dimension and as social actors whose agency is deployed -together with the one of the other actors of a plural and multi-ethnic society- in the framework established by the government's policies. During the methodological workshop, a special attention will be given to the prospects of transnationalism and diaspora (Castles, S. 2000)1 that have questioned the bi-national dichotomies between society of origin and host society, and overcome the concept of migration as a process of breaking local and national links to learn new habits, behaviours and values. It is evident that, for the type of investigations foreseen in the proposal, a qualitative methodology is particularly relevant.

The second one will take place in Oaxaca, Mexico (2016) focusing on the qualitative anthropological methodology to study indigenous communities, about exercising cultural claims and human rights, problem accessing land among others. The third one (2017) that will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina focusing on the study of social movements and political participation in relation to new identities of immigrants and indigenous people and their contribution to interculturality, including the involvement of immigrants, the creation of civil society organizations among migrants to fight for rights, and to promote their cultural identities.


1 CASTLES, S. 2000. Ethnicity and Globalization: From Migrant Worker to Transnational Citizen. London: Sage.

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